Sodding can be referred as the act of laying sod on a piece of motherland and then transforming it into a great and fascinating lawn. This is one of the activities that one can really enjoy in doing it.  It can be the most rewarding experience if done in a correct manner. However it is not being done properly then it can also be the waste of huge money of yours. Hence sodding is a kind of activity that must be done with appropriate manners and taking precautions as well. All the important steps are briefly explained below. All the steps in the below given process are essential as without finishing last step you cannot move to next one.


Sodding – Cleaning and leveling of soil

Cleaning can be one of the first steps. In this step all you need to do is to clean the earth from all types of old material and roots etc. It can be done more easily by digging the earth first and then taking everything out of it. A piece of flat shovel or some type of machinery can be used for achieving the purpose of getting the old roots out of the earth. You can purchase a rototiller or you can have a rototiller on rent for a day. Since at this time the earth layer is quite soft hence this can also be the best time for installation of some kind of sprinkler system. The pipes can dip up to 6 inches deep. You will also need to put the risers high enough from the earth. This must be installed in such a way that no dust and dirt could enter into it.

The next step is for leveling the ground. For leveling you may need gypsum to break the clay particles. One or other kind of topsoil is also must to mix it on the surface in case if the soil is of poor quality. Then a metal string is also needed to level it. You can use it from one end to another by pulling and it will automatically level the earth that you are sodding. Now you have to decide manually that were to run your metal string in order to level the ground completely.

Soil amendments and laying the sod

There are a number of fertilizers that are must to be added as the part of the soil amendment step. This can be the finishing level of the process. It’s easy to buy them. Now you are supposed to read the instructions given with them fully and then use it. Now all you need to do is to wait for a little time before doing the next step of laying the sod. In this mean time the fertilizers will mix in the upper layer of soil correctly. Next and final step is by laying the sod in the soil. Before doing it you are also supposed to moist the earth. Next step is using a sod roller. However every one of us does not find it necessary.

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